5 Things to Know About Brain Training

There are many people who are hearing the term “brain training” today, yet may not be aware of what it is and how they can use it. The science behind it has prompted many people to start incorporating it into their routines, including healthcare, wellness and education professionals. From personal trainers and early education providers to physical therapists and senior centers, brain training is taking hold as a modality that can provide tremendous benefits.

Brain training is an area that focuses on what scientists refer to as neuroplasticity. This is the idea that the brain is able to rebuild itself by forming new neural connections. This gives people the ability to improve their own brain health.  The more people know about it, the more they can determine if it makes sense to use it with their clients and patients.

Here are 5 things to know about brain training:

  1. Not all training systems are created equal. It’s important when choosing a system that you select one with proven benefits.
  2. Brain exercises can be worked into physical exercises.  Many people like this option, because it helps to keep the exercises fun and interesting, and they tend to get more benefit from the time they are putting in.
  3. Everyone can benefit!  There are early childcare centers that are incorporating it into their routines and there are senior centers who are doing the same. There is no age limit on who can benefit from using these beneficial exercises.
  4. By engaging in this type of training people can help to lower their risks of dementia.
  5. It improves both short term and long term memory.
  6. You get smarter! Your brain reacts to and is shaped by the experiences that you have. The more often that you participate in challenging activities, the more your brain gets exercised. This exercise creates new networks to accommodate the new incoming information. More networking in your brain means efficient processing. That leads to you getting smarter!

The SMARTfit Solution

SMARTfit technology is easy to use and is a very efficient way to supply both the mental and physical exercise that encourage healthy neurons and support neurogenesis. SMARTfit systems allow the participant to perform cognitive stimulating activities, while simultaneously engaging in physical activities such as core stabilization.   SMARTfit is truly enhancing the brain-body connection, one neuron at a time.   

To find out more please give contact us at 1-800-900-8542 x 110

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